History of FA Global Group

2009 Established 
Founded in 2009, the Swiss-based FA Global AG is a financial service provider specialized in internet-based services tailored for the hedge fund industry. It launched the first index family for hedge funds in UCITS wrapper – the UCITS HFS Index family – and acts as index provider in this regard. FA Global AG provides institutional investors with information via its databases and newsletters and offers investable products on and licensing of its indices. Furthermore, FA Global AG offers institutional money managers a price comparison and negotiation service in order to optimize their service provider relationships or setup new fund structures via its platform.

Lunch UCITS HFS Index Family
Lunch UCITS index Newsletter

UCITS Alternative Conference
Launched our first FTEU Solution & Mobile Payments Service
Global Self-service messaging platform, connections to over 200 mobile operators
IP to Operator look-up Visitor authentication
Local 2-way SMS enabling end-user-initiated permission
Local MMS push

UCITS index Newsletter (Finance industry) reaches over 10.000 subscribers
5 million monthly messaging transactions
SMS/MMS Premium operator billing
WAP/WEB operator billing
Direct operator billing
Credit card billing Compliance Management
Consulting, business technology transformation advisory services.

Lunch Negotiation
Lunched Smart TV search
APP subscription model for corporate brands
CRM & campaigns ready-to-use
3rd party Certification platform for SMS delivery receipt
3rd Party Certification SMS delivery receipt + End user answer

Lunched the first Bi-directional communication platform for Live Broadcasting in real time.
Lunched national wide LBS solution with Portugal Telecom
Signed exclusive Agreements with Major Search engine providers world-wide
Live analytics Billing method – optimisation + Rules management
End User Support management

FA Global AG Hedge Funds Newsletter
Payments and cards solutions,
Digital Wallet Platform
SaaS services
Media platform / solution goes live with 5.000 + new subscribers in the first 2 weeks after launch.

Blockchain Technology investment,
Lunch of:
Arbitrage solutions & platform
OTC consulting and services

Lunched Bigdata platform in combination with ML/AI technology. for corporates
Integration of Risk Management solution into our e-financial platform which has a strong track record on institutional sides.

Lunch our hedging solutions for crypto currencies trade platforms
GP Invest partnership + Advisory role for GP Coin

Acquisition of GP Invest